Module X


ModuleX is an expansible I/O platform for industrial world completely designed and developed by the RedSmart BU of IDT.

Through a Modbus-RTU communication, MX-master485 can communicate with any electronic board or PLC handling, although we are about to release other industrial communication protocols (Profinet, EtherCAT, Modbus-TCP). Each master module can handle up to 16 slave modules forming an I/O cluster, actually 4 types of modules are available:

  • MX-8DI: 8 digital Inputs
  • MX-8DO: 8 digital Outputs
  • MX-4AI: 4 analog Inputs
  • MX-4AO: 4 analog Outputs



Plug and play

No software configuration is required; the master can be connected through 2 wires to any device with an RS485.


A cluster consists of 1 master device that can handle up to 16 slave modules. By adding or removing modules, the master self-configures dynamically, eliminating the need for intervention by an expert technician for reconfiguration.


The RS485 bus can be extended from each master, reaching up to 16 distributed clusters within a facility. 

This allows for up to 2048 digital I/O points.

Simplified Wiring

Our modules eliminate this step for installers by providing power distribution terminals for direct wiring. 

This results in significant space, time, and cost savings.


Each cluster achieves a refresh rate of 10 mSec for 128 I/O points!

5 Pieces

As many configurations you want

Master Module

Digital Input Module

Digital Output Module

Analog Input Module

Analog Output Module

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