Starting from custom-based solutions for clients, over the years IDT has developed products applicable in different usage contexts, revisiting and transforming the user base by leveraging Open Source technologies.



ModuleX is an expandable and remotely accessible I/O platform for the industrial world. It enables the use of I/O modules either within an electrical panel or remotely in a facility, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Through Modbus-RTU communication, MX-master485 can communicate with any electronic board or PLC. Each main module can handle up to 16 modules, forming an I/O cluster. Currently, there are four types of modules available:

  • MX-8DI: 8 digital inputs
  • MX-8DO: 8 digital outputs
  • MX-4AI: 4 configurable analog inputs
  • MX-4AOV: 4 analog voltage outputs

Trace and Follow


“Trace and Follow” is a platform designed by IDT to monitor energy consumption and production efficiency for each machine in an industrial plant.

The Trace&Follow platform features both a mobile app and a web application for data collection and visualization. These applications communicate with the electronic boards through a Cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it’s possible to connect the boards to proprietary applications and management software.

Key features include:

  • WiFi/Ethernet/LoraWan communication with Cloud infrastructure or mounting on DIN rail
  • Daily percentage calculations of machine usage
  • Power graphs for performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of wire consumption for industrial welders

IoT Truck

IoT integration for vans.

The system consists of a dedicated electronic board capable of tracking every customer request.

The boards, through a cloud infrastructure, enable comprehensive management of vans through a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Some of the key features include:

  • Temperature control
  • Control of doors and stabilizing jacks
  • Light management
  • Management of refrigerators/freezers
  • Geolocation
  • Alarm management

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