Starting from custom-based solutions for clients, over the years IDT has developed products applicable in different usage contexts, revisiting and transforming the user base by leveraging Open Source technologies.

Module X


ModuleX is an expandable and remotely accessible I/O platform for the industrial world. It enables the use of I/O modules either within an electrical panel or remotely in a facility, ensuring maximum flexibility.

Through Modbus-RTU communication, MX-master485 can communicate with any electronic board or PLC. Each main module can handle up to 16 modules, forming an I/O cluster. Currently, there are four types of modules available:

  • MX-8DI: 8 digital inputs
  • MX-8DO: 8 digital outputs
  • MX-4AI: 4 configurable analog inputs
  • MX-4AOV: 4 analog voltage outputs

Trace and Follow


“Trace and Follow” is a platform designed by IDT to monitor energy consumption and production efficiency for each machine in an industrial plant.

The Trace&Follow platform features both a mobile app and a web application for data collection and visualization. These applications communicate with the electronic boards through a Cloud infrastructure. Additionally, it’s possible to connect the boards to proprietary applications and management software.

Key features include:

  • WiFi/Ethernet/LoraWan communication with Cloud infrastructure or mounting on DIN rail
  • Daily percentage calculations of machine usage
  • Power graphs for performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of wire consumption for industrial welders

IoT Truck

IoT integration for vans.

The system consists of a dedicated electronic board capable of tracking every customer request.

The boards, through a cloud infrastructure, enable comprehensive management of vans through a mobile app for iOS and Android.

Some of the key features include:

  • Temperature control
  • Control of doors and stabilizing jacks
  • Light management
  • Management of refrigerators/freezers
  • Geolocation
  • Alarm management

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