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RedSmart, our research and development division specializing in embedded systems, serves as the driving force behind our ability to create cutting-edge products for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry. Leveraging our in-house expertise in both electronics and manufacturing, we are proficient in developing comprehensive and highly efficient IoT systems

About Us

We are capable of creating electronic solutions that can meet our clients’ needs. We design dedicated boards that can communicate with external software, ensuring not only performance but also their reliability and remote control, thereby creating a computer network to monitor performance and functionality.



Sculpting IoT TomorrowEmpowering Efficiency Today. 

We craft IoT solutions for enhanced efficiency.



Innovation Beyond Limits: Inspiring IoT Excellence.

We strive to transcend boundaries and set IoT standards.


Our numbers

Electronic Engeneers




Trace and Follow


Trace and Follow is a platform designed by IDT to monitor energetic consumption and production efficiency for every machine of an industrial plant.

The Trace&Follow platform has an App and Web App for data collection and visualization, which communicate with the electronic boards through a Cloud infrastructure, creared by Technyware.



  • WiFi/Ethernet communication with the
    Cloud Infrastructure or DIN rail mount
  • Energy consumption monitoring
  • Efficiency calculations according to defined standards for each registerd production


  • % of daily usage calculations for each machine
  • Power graphs for performance monitoring
  • Wire consumption monitoring for industrial welders


  • Remote machine control (remote machine turn-off system + cut-off system for energy saving)
  • Geolocalisation of the machine in the plant (external infrastructure integration)
  • LoRa communication integration



moduleX  is IDT’s custom modular and flexible input-output expansion module for automation solutions in the industrial domain, completely designed and developed by RedSmart.

moduleX is a modular and flexible I/O-module possible to be installed with DIN rail on control cabinet or decentralized on the automation line

It was born from IDT’s need to reduce material procurement times, to reduce the number of electronic components inside electrical panels and to offer low budget solutions for small equipment.


Some features

  • decentralized installation on the automation line or DIN Rail mount
  • Push in terminals for fast connection
  • Pluggable terminals
  • SD for logging
  • Direct I/O wiring and power distribution
  • Multipurpose; PLC or device
  • Modular Platform 
  • Integrated Ethernet-switch
    for building up a line-topology

Street Food Truck


The van is connected to a dedicated electronic board, able to track every request from the client.
It has different features, like humidity control, recycling air fan, temperature control, CO2 gpl sensor, light door shutters and analog sensors. 

Everything tracked by app.

Our Services

Over the years, we have gained enough experience to offer the following services


Design of custom electronic boards


Firmware development

IoT App

Development and production, from the concept to the product


Electronic boards production

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