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We update standards, thinking out of the box.

Who we are.

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We develop industrial technology using Open Source software on embedded systems and micro-roboticsWe bring our customers to improve their traditional processes by integrating innovative IoT solutions.

A division for every need

IDT is articulated into three sections, which develop and collaborate organically.

Each one is responsible for specific tasks.

Embedded Solutions& Industrial IoT

Industrial Software & Applications

Automation & Robotics

Since 2016

We have taken many steps forward

Every year in IDT is a continuous process of evolution and renewal. Discover all the goals we have achieved over these years.

IDT, established in 2016, embarked on a journey of pioneering industrial solutions, with an initial team of three. The company’s early focus involved the construction of rudimentary machines to develop and validate solutions’ reliability. Emerging technical needs led to collaborations with a Spanish Open-Source PLC start-up and a Belgian indoor positioning system startup.

In 2018, the groundwork laid in the preceding years found application in significant installations for clients. Additionally, IDT embarked on planning future projects, resulting in growth both in technical capacity and organizational structure. The company recognized the necessity for external resources to complete industrial-scale development of the micro-robot prototype, leading to a strategic relationship with a UK startup, Automata.

In the year 2020, IDT managed to sustain its growth momentum, despite facing various challenges stemming from the global pandemic. Remarkably, the company expanded its customer portfolio beyond the automotive sector, attracting clients with a strong interest in embracing Open Source technology. This particular year witnessed noteworthy changes, including the company’s move to its new ISC facility, the creation of three distinct Virtual Companies operating within the IDT framework, and a substantial uptick in orders from fresh European automotive partners. 

In 2022, IDT focused on streamlining internal processes and crafting mid-term strategies. The mechanical design and 3D printing division evolved into Open Stac srl, with IDT holding a 60% stake.In the same year, IDT initiated a groundbreaking partnership with Politecnico di Torino, specifically in industrial design.To summarize, IDT’s journey embodies innovation, adaptability, strategic collaborations, and a commitment to expanding automation solutions. This narrative offers investors valuable insights into the company’s evolution and promising future.


Our numbers

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Our services

Over the years we have acquired a vast knowledge that we can offer to small and medium-sized enterprises

A team of Industrial Automation Arduino and Industrial IoT consultants to bring your automation projects to life.

A technical team capable of creating configurations and prototypes in line with the client’s specific requirements

R&D team dedicated to new technologies improvements offered from the current market.

Specific training programs for introducing new talents in collaboration with technical and vocational institutes and universities.

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